OCE implements worldwide controlled access for service engineers


OCE offers her 6500 field engineers controlled access to her corporate network using the TrustAlert solution.

Worldwide thousands of field engineers and sales staff require access to centrally managed applications. These mobile employees can login from home, the customer, or from any public location. The remotely managed systems are essential for doing their job well, and require them to login several times each day. It is vital that this login process is fast, user friendly and secure. By choosing the TrustAlert solution, implemented using the TrustAlert partner QSight IT, Océ saved immediately a lot of time and money.

Marcel Janssen, ICT manager Océ: 'Our return on investment was realized within 6 months time. We believe this to be an excellent ROI. Using the TrustAlert solution and combining it with the F5 webvpn platform, our employees can make use of their existing identity and authentication credentials to obtain their digital certificate which provides them access to the required remote applications and network. This certificate is stored directly onto their mobile device and is valid for a predetermined period of time.

Maintenance and support wise, both our user community and administrators highly appreciate the TrustAlert solution.

On average our internal support receives 1 support call per quarter based on several thousand end-users. Maintenance wise we spend less than 10 hours per year on the overall solution.

Prior to deploying the solution we had both a leading token and the TrustAlert solution evaluated by our end-users. On average 95% of our users accepted the TrustAlert solution within the first month, where as the token solution was only accepted by 60% of the users within the initial 3 months.'

The F5 platform offers the possibility of having a save data- and transaction-environment. The F5 Networks Firepass SSL-VPN technology is internationally supported.

QSight IT design, realizes and maintains solutions for a safe use of electronic data and systems, using the combination of technologically advanced and market leading manufacturers.

Océ supplies digital printing systems, software and services for production, reproduction, distribution and management of documents, in full color, black & white, small & large formats for professional users in SME, Education, Industry, advertising and graphical market.

TrustAlert offers users (employees, partners and customers) controlled access to corporate systems in a user-
friendly, highly secure and very cost effective way.

Users can be tied to specific properties of their used computer system and obtain automatically time limited access based on a short life certificate. Based on the certificate, delegated access right can be provided to the user.


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