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VASCO – Push notifications for employee security

vascoIn light of constantly evolving cybersecurity risks, businesses must take strong measures to secure internal and remote network access by employees. Today’s workforce requires convenient anytime, anywhere access to web, mobile and cloud networks, applications and resources.

At the same time, organizations must prevent security breaches, and maintain continuous compliance with security and privacy laws, regulations and standards, such as the GDPR and PCI DSS 3.2. To achieve both strong security and optimal employee experience, security teams need to consider adopting, or migrating to, Windows logon with push notification and realize mobile app security importance in protecting solutions with mobile apps.

Dirk Denayer - VASCO

Dirk Denayer, Business Solutions Manager – EMEA

Dirk Denayer is business solutions manager at Vasco Data Security. He joined VASCO in 2016 with 20 years of experience in business software solutions on the level of sales, marketing and delivery. Prior to joining VASCO, he worked at Exact Software, CODA and Unit4. He holds a degree in commercial engineering at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management (VUB). When not at work you will probably find him out on his bike or coaching others. He lives near Brussels in Belgium.


VASCO is a global leader in trusted security with two-factor authentication, transaction data signing, document e-signature and identity management solutions designed for all businesses and government agencies. VASCO also secures access to data and applications in the cloud and provides a robust toolset for application developers to easily integrate security functions into their web-based and mobile applications. More than 10,000 customers in 100 countries rely on VASCO to secure access, manage identities, verify transactions, simplify document signing and protect high value assets and systems.

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